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Last summer (2011) my voice began to get real hoarse. I went to a doctor in September and he said it was either allergies or acid reflux. He gave me some acid reflux pills and said to give it about 3 months to see if I saw any difference. Then life got a little crazy - big stressful move (with small kids) and mother in law was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. So the holidays came and went and still hoarse - even getting worse. So I *finally* made an appointment with an ENT and she said it was a small cyst and swelling. She said she could remove it and everything would be fine. The day after the surgery she called and wanted to see me in her office the following day. I knew it was bad. Even though I have never touched a cigarette in my life and I don't fit any of the risk factors - not over 60, male, heavy smoker, heavy drinker, etc - the biopsy came back cancer. We were all shocked. Now I am weighing out all the pros and cons of radiation and surgery. After much consideration, research and prayer - I have decided to go with surgery (partial laryngectomy) Would love to connect with other people who have had this procedure or facing similar situation. Thanks for reading about my journey (so far) and may God Bless you on yours.

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    Best of luck. I had no option but Chemo and radiation and so far all of my tests keep coming back negative. I belive that the drs. know the best course and you will do fine. By the way, I did not fit the criteria as well. Only 44 and gym rat. Well, I was a gym rat. Any time you need to vent, ask question or just to talk, this is the greatest place for answers and make some friends.

    almost 10 years ago

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