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I was nearly almost finished with the tissue expander when all of a sudden I started feeling kind of blah...(tired, had a post nasal drip, then fever). I also have systemic lupus so these symptoms are cause for concern especially when the fever reaches 101 that was a Friday night by weds I had a fever of 102.5 and chills, redness and swelling where expander was located. Plastic Surgeon admitted me into the hospital for IV antibiotics. I was on IV antibiotics for 5 days when I told the PS to remove the expander. Everything I had read online while in the hospital said that the expander should be removed and the area should heal before continuing with reconstruction especially for Lupus Patients. Also, It was never comfortable and when it became swollen and infected it was HORRIBLY painful, I literally could not move (breathing included) without feeling it rubbing against my chest. The best way to explain it is as if a brick was rubbing against my chest wall!! The difference was night and day as soon as it was removed. Although much more comfortable the appearance is what bugs me. The breast area now looks like a deflated balloon. I was just fitted for a prosthesis which helps a little but the convenience of the reconstruction was what I realize now is what I really want. The prosthesis is not water proof so I cannot wear it with a swimsuit or do to the size under strapless, or spaghetti strapped outfits. I am very frustrated and although I would like to continue with reconstruction once I completely heal, I am very afraid my body will reject the actual implant an heaven forbid my PS says that I need to put the expander in again. I have been looking into fat transfer as a safe alternative just in case.

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