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The surgery to remove the cancerous mass in my colon went great. Sent home after 2 days, but then 2 days after that I got an infection and was taken back to the hospital, where I stayed 8 more days. This was in February of this year. I had to recover physically from this and began chemotherapy pills this past Monday April 15th. So far so good as far as side effects but I have been told they could start at any time. I have to do 2 weeks on with the pills, then 1 week off for 6 months. I am doing ok right now but am nervous about how and when side effects will kick in.

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  • Zil's Avatar

    I also am on chemo pills-3 weeks on and then 1 week off. My worst side effect has been feet that are so sore i can barely walk for a few days. This started my 2nd cycle and now I am in my 3rd. If course, everyone has different side effects.

    8 months ago
  • arlenekae's Avatar

    I only had the foot problem for a couple of days so I am feeling thankful for that. I sincerely hope your feet will get back to normal soon. It seems my side effects last for a few days then stop and another one will kick in.

    6 months ago

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