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I selected the group, they were very cordial on the phone. The nurse and equipment tech were very respectful and friendly with us. There was a delay in getting the right oxygen pump to the house--a huge deal considering my mother required 100% oxygen at this point--blood ox is still at 73. The pump issue got resolved, we got her breathing moderately comfortably, and she received a small dose of medication. She was relaxed, upright in bed, and chatting with us. Tired, but chatting. After showing us how to dose and administer the meds, the nurse and tech left us. I was terrified. I didn't know what to expect from them or from her. I had thought someone would be staying with us through the night--at this point I haven't slept in almost 3 weeks, no more than 3-4 hours, and not consistently, at night. Needless to say, at midnight, when my mother had become agitated in her sleep, I called hospice and they told me to go ahead and give her the next dose. I told them I didn't have any medical experience and I was scared to be alone with her like this. The nurse on the line said that I was doing fine and all I needed to do was give the medication and let her settle back down.I was able to get her to take her next dose. Friday afternoon, I didn't realize hospice would be leaving me alone for the night. (Available by phone, but definitely not the same as being there.) Did they misread her severity? This didn't seem to fit the stories I've heard from other's and their hospice experience.

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