After Herceptin was over, port was out, I studied risk/benefits to me - to coninue with Tamoxifen. - Ashera

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My oncologist would have preferred I went right in to that 'standard of care' by using Tamoxifen - but the anticipated side effects of both it...and the AI's were not what I was willing to embrace. I was already left with extreme muscle weakness and joint pain. I'd spent a year on not-heart friendly drugs so did not was to add Tamoxifen back in. My hair reacted to Taxotere with partial allopecia, my skin is so very dry - and I did not was the teeth issues I see happening. There is NO guarantee cancer will not come back, even with the years of Tamoxifen. I preferred to get as clean and emptied of toxins as possible - so...I said no. And found I am not alone. My oncologist is now on board with my decision - saying honestly - that of all the women he puts on these drugs - less that half are able to tolerate the side effects and stop well before that 5-yr mark. So I guess we'll wait and see?

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    Did you ask what statistics were for taking versus not in terms of survival rates?

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