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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on December 14, 2012 View this journey (8 Experiences)

Felt pretty good during chemo treatment (12/6), made sure to drink a lot of water during, even had half a turkey sandwich. Had to have pressure monitored 15/20 mins when second med was introduced. Finally calmed down and proceeded. Because of the steroids taken the day before, of & after, had pretty good energy level. Also took the Zolfran (anti-nausea) meds as directed for 3 days, must have helped, did not feel nausea at all. Just had some tingling sensations throughout my body, generated mostly to my head, very strange feeling, but not so painful. Got the Neulasta shot day after (12/7), took claritin right away (as directed by the nurse). I was generally pretty good until 12/11, got up from the couch & felt like my lower back was giving out..such a pain I can't explain it, couldn't stand, sit, lay down. I guess the extra strength tylenol wasn't helping. Luckily my hubby had Vicoden, had to take a few for the next 2 days and it helped. I called the cancer ctr and requested some pain killers, they really should have given that to me before going home...oh well now I have them on hand. Also had to take a lot of Senna pills for constipation, got that going around day 3. So be sure to drink a LOT of water, I did as soon as I got home for the next 4 days and still drinking as much as I can to flush the system, don't need the chemo meds hanging around in the body...besides the aches & pains I feel pretty positive, I pray the next round could be this good, but ya never know.. Just waiting for the hair loss, which will really upset me, but I'm going w/the flow already have wigs, hats on hand. Finally took a walk around my area 1/2 circle w/my doggie, felt good, but I'm not gonna push it. :)

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