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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on July 11, 2013 View this journey (8 Experiences)

Back to chemo again (4 rounds) of Adriamycin "Red Devil". I did not receive this drug the 1st time I had chemo last year from Dec to Feb 2013. This was a different experience then last time. Only took about 1 hr, with all the prep work, (as opposed to 3hrs w/other meds). 1st time using a port. No problem w/the port..Got my Neulast shot yesterday, feeling a little sore, so I am staying on top of it w/vicioden. They also did not give me steroid meds this time (day before of & after). I pray this does the trick...

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  • Bwiley's Avatar

    Barbara anne.. I so hope your keeping your chin up! Your 2nd round sounds just like my first round. I survived the "red devil" it was different each time I had it. I also had a port, I was glad for it.I just had mine removed 1 mth ago. Im finally getting a good layer of hair evenly over my head. Its really soft. Losing my hair was tough for me so im glad to see it coming back. Do you also have to do taxol after the red devil med? Please let me know how your doing, Im sending you all my positives!!!
    All the best healing, Beth

    almost 7 years ago
  • Poconos3's Avatar

    Hi Barbaraanne :)

    I was away for a while; but now I'm back. After continually be unsatisfied with my treatment at Hughes, I went for a second opinion in the Lehigh Valley (Gazi Albduhay-Lehigh Valley Cancer Treatment Center for Women-off of Cedar Crest). Totally opposite experience! Firstly he removed my "active" ovaries that should have been removed 7 months ago since I am triple positive w HER2. We are revisiting the chemo issue, I go this Tuesday. He promised me it will be better this time around...they administer it slower (much slower 6 hrs for chemo and come for the herceptin the next day); also, more steroids prior and a lower dose (I had such an awful allergic reaction last time that is why I stopped). Finished the Rads 32/34 and 6 months of Herceptin; had to take a break after low Muga Score, but I am resuming this Tuesday with the Chemo.

    I was sad to read you needed more chemo and I hope you are doing well. We live close to each other; if you need anything, drop me a note: [email redacted]

    almost 7 years ago

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