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After much deliberation, I went ahead and cut & cut & cut my hair....17 days after my 1st chemo started to fall out slowly at 1st. But since my hair was a little longer than shoulder length, the long strands coming out (like 10 at a time) was nerve wrecking...I had this fear that it would start falling out in big clumps while I was out in public (esp when I was by myself). Also, when my hair would pull on a coat or scarf it really started to hurt my scalp. So I had hubby help me cut it a little at a time, I faced away from the mirror, every few inches I'd look. Then finally i told him give me the scissors, and started to chop it up to the scalp. Right now it looks like a military haircut.. My scalp is a little sensitive on the right front side, so I'm assuming it all may fall out soon. I thought this type of cut would make it easier to go bald then having long strands of hair. Now I am very happy that I did it this way, I feel much more in power. I have 3 wigs, a halo wig (which I recommend) u can where it under any hat or scarf (I'm not a scarf person) with not too much maintenance. Or sometimes I just walk around with a little hat...

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