My cancer journey has truly been life altering. My old life style is no longer attainable - Bengal

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A year after the end of my treatment I struggle to reidentify myself.

  • Bengal's Avatar

    I am a strong advocate for advocating for oneself. You are so right, Maeve, after the shock of a diagnosis one just goes on autopilot and blindly follows the doctors' and nurses' orders. In my case there was tremendous support at that stage of the game. After the treatment stage is over it's, "there's the door." I have discovered that the best person to advocate for post treatment support is yourself. My oncology facility actually offers all kinds of support but hasn't always been good about getting that information to patients, especially when they are perhaps not thinking clearly. If you need help ask, ask, ask!

    over 1 year ago
  • petieagnor's Avatar

    Yes, Bengal, I agree. I learned after BC in '06 that I needed to be my own advocate. I sure am now. Unfortunately, for me there won't be an end to treatment. It's hard to find that old life. My life is ever changing & so is yours. It's hard to accept the new life. Don't give up on this new life, in the end it may be a better life. Make the most of each day. We're here for you.

    over 1 year ago

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