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4/29/11-Radiologist found something on my mammo, confirmed by ultrasound, but thought it was nothing to be worried about - recommended another mammo in 6 mo.
9/1/11 - PCP confirmed a lump and sent me for mammo and ultrasound. New radiologist agreed that it looked like nothing to worry about but sent for my previous films.
9/12/11 - Mass has grown - scheduled for a needle biopsy
9/14/11 - During needle biopsy, second lump confirmed and tested as well.
9/20/11 - Diagnosis of Breast cancer received - both lumps malignant
9/23/11 - Met with Breast Health Navigator for particulars from my lab report= Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, ER/PR +, Ne -, Grade 1 & 2. Lumpectomy may be possible. Overall fairly good news.
9/26/11 - Met with surgeon - found out that there may be yet another mass - ordered an MRI to clarify location of all cancers in breasts. Surgery type and date will have to wait until we know exactly what we are dealing with.

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