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On January 5, 2009, I got fired from my job. That same afternoon, my doctors office called and asked me to come to the office in an hour. I found out that there was a problem with my mamogram. The next day I had another mamogram and a sonogram. I saw this spot that I thought was huge. Two weeks later, the guy I was living with, went on vacation to Florida. So not only was
I alone for the needle biopsy, I was alone on January 28th when the surgeon called and told me that I had cancer. I listened, asked questions and took notes. I thanked him for calling and after hanging up the phone, I dropped to my knees, screaming. My mother lived 5 hours away, so all I had were my dogs and I thank GOD they were with me as I made phone calls. My diagnosis was to be the end of my relationship. The day he took me to a doctors appointment and told me he didn't want to hear anything about what I was going through was a knife in my heart. My momma drove 5 hours each way to be with me for my lumpectomy and my first 2 chemo treatments. A week after my 2nd treatment, my momma, brother and a friend of the family showed up at my house, where I had been packing, and loaded my life in a moving truck and put my dogs and me in my momma's car and moved me back to Carthage, MO where I belonged. With the love and support of my friends, family, medical community and the grace of GOD, I have been cancer free for 4 wonderful years. I still have problems from the chemo. It ate the lining of my stomach, the cartilage in my knees, and really screwed up my internal thermostat. But, it's all good. Medication helps my belly, I have 2 new knees and my house is cool to cold year round. But having cancer has been a great learning experiance for me. My BFF, Who lives in North Carolina was diagnosed in 2012 with anal/vaginal cancer. She and her husband are raising her then 2 year old grand-daughter. Bless her husband, he tried so hard, but just he was just all thumbs. So, I moved 1300 miles from everything I knew and moved to North Carolina. Due to where she was being radiated, she was in major pain and very sick. It was a rough and frightening 3 months, but once again GOD was good. Just this weekend, we walked in the local Relay For Life, my 5th, her 1st. We could only do the survivor lap due to the heat, but it was a very joyous time.

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