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    I went to my primary care physician Feb 2011 for my annual check up and renewal of my cholesterol med and hypertension med and my friend who accompanied me advised me to ask the doc to check out "why the cough". Well, the dr ordered a chest x-ray and I went right after the appointment because I really thought I was just having "post nasal drip". BOY, was I wrong! I was called 30 minutes after the x-ray by my dr and told that I needed to have a CT scan! Scared out of my gourd! Then a PET scan! Then a lung biopsy which resulted in a COLLAPSED LUNG!! Yikes, a weeks stay in the hospital to stabilize my collapsed lung. The FIRST nite I was in the hospital, my oncologist came to visit me and sat at the foot of my bed and said...................BONNIE, IT'S STAGE IV.

    almost 9 years ago

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