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Decision Point Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (5 Experiences)

After having a collapsed lung, as a result of the lung biopsy, and a week stay in the hospital to resolve the collapsed lung, I needed to get away to be able to make my decision on whether to take chemo or not. My best friend and I went to the Texas coast where I can always relax and clear my head. We didn't talk much about my diagnosis or what my decision was going to be. We watched the waves come and go, felt the constant wind, smelled the smells of the coast and watched the seagulls soar overhead. I was SO very AFRAID because my brother had had leukemia and had had stem cell transplant that went into graft versus host and he died (6 years younger than me) in 2007. He had suffered so much thru his ordeal. My father had died (2001)of the same leukemia that my brother had only without any treatment because of his age. I have a son and his family that I love dearly and I really wanted to be around to see the grandkids grow up into responsible adults. What I really WANTED WAS TO LIVE! So, my decision was to bite the bullet and accept the treatments.

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