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First, let me give you a little history:I have tolerated stomach burning with some mild pain for years. Since I self-diagnosed it as being an ulcer I also self-medicated with zantac. Last year the frequency of these little burn/pain sessions increased and at the turn of the year I started to experience a weird pain in the upper left part of my abdomen. Again, I self-diagnosed it as being a hiatal hernia, afterall I had the classic symptoms, but didn't want to see a doc. As the pain increased my tolerance decreased and I was lovingly coerced by a friend to seek medical treatment. On June 21, 2012 I saw a nurse practitioner, who basically started treatment for an ulcer but also tested me for H.pylori, the only bacteria known to survive in the stomach and the reason why ulcers develop anyway. Since I tested postive, I was put on an antibiotic regimen to erradicate the bugger and also referred to a GI specialist to make sure there was no damage to the lining of the stomach. My appt with the GI doc on August 6th was brief and left me believing that this was still just an ulcer that needed further investigation. The GI doc then did an EGD on August 15th, during which he did not find an ulcer but rather a tumor in the GE junction (which was quite the surprise to him). On to the story:On August 16, 2012 the GI doc called to tell me that the tumor found in the GE junction was an adenocarcinoma. I was quickly scheduled for a PET/CT Scan, which showed activity only in the GE junction so it was determined at that time there was no mets. Multiple docs and tests later I was eventually diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer with liver metastases.

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    Welcome to this site, Bjaj69. I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis of adenocarcinoma of the ge junction, as well as your subsequent challenges. I was diagnosed with the same cancer at the age of 40 in 1996. Wish there was something I could do or say to help you through this. It is a tough one to have and live with. Please keep us updated. If it helps to share with someone whose "been there," please respond to my comment.

    over 8 years ago

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