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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Adenocarcinoma, Cervical Cancer. Posted on July 16, 2016 View this journey (15 Experiences)

I had low dose Cisplatin once a week for 5 weeks. During this time having external radiation for 6 weeks and internal radiation once a week for five weeks. I was given pain and nausea medication throughout. I then received 4 sessions of carboplatin and paclitaxel which was full body chemo and given as part of a clinical trial called the Outback trial. The standard of care which was the chemoradiation was difficult but the trial chemo was horrific and resulted in many side effects including blood transfusions, sleep medication, pain management and anxiety drugs. At one point I had an ANC of 200 and an hemoglobin of 7. Very sick and tired.

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