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I hated Chemo from day one. The first two were not too big of a deal, but by number 3 I was loosing my hair and getting very sick. I would usually be very sick for 4 days and then it would start to let up. I'd have about a week of feeling decent to good before my next treatment. By sick I mean that my body would be very achy, my mouth would feel swollen and I couldn't taste anything, but mostly I felt tired and weak. The fatigue pretty much lasted the entire 6 months. I did continue to go to school although I missed a lot of days. I still did track which was a passion at the time and I also still rode my horse whenever I could. I was also expected to continue to clean out my mare's stall and tend to her other needs most of the time. I was very careful about washing my hands and became a bit of a germaphobe, but it didn't really stop me from hanging out with people with the sniffles. About half way through my treatments I started throwing up a lot. I soon learned what things would trigger it, like drinking soda right after an infusion or the smell of hospitals. Towards the end I had to be drugged to get treatments because just walking into the clinic to receive an infusion would make me start hurling. I totally had Chemo brain, sometimes I think I still do, but I'm told that's not possible. I was also anemic the whole time. I also would get numbness in my fingers, there is a name for it I can't recall, but it took years after treatment was done before it disappeared.

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