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Last week, the surgeon told mom that her pancreatic tumor count as very high (but he didn't want to tell her numbers because he "didn't want to scare her"......??!!! Too late!) Today I got a phone call at work and it was mom saying "this is not text worthy, this is definitely phone call worthy.... They got my new blood test results.... the first pancreatic tumor marker count was 6000. The new one is 64!!!! And the colon tumor marker count is slightly higher than normal, but he said its not bad!" The surgeon called her directly, which is not normal for our system. She said he asked her how her weekend was, and how she was, so she was kinda waiting for bad news! She was sooooo excited! I was very excited too!! BUT there was part of me who immediately thought which one is the mistake!!?? But then I thought no, we have to take every bit of good news, every victory as it comes. If things turn out differently, we'll deal with it then. But I don't want to spend days, weeks, etc wondering about it. So I will take things as they are. And this is a big celebration for us :)

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    WOW, that is awesome news, congrats!

    about 10 years ago

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