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The emergency room doc examined me and while feeling around on my stomach found a small knot. He ordered a cat scan, and the scan revealed that my appendices was swollen and I had some kind of blockage in my colon. He recommended surgery immediately and I said go for it. I was expecting they would remove my appendices and all would be well. I'm sure most who read this remember that devastating moment when the the doctor says "you have cancer". The surgeon went on to explain what he had done a resection of the colon,removal of the tumor and left the appendices alone. He said I would be in hospital for around five days and would know more about what was going to happen as far as further treatment after the biopsy results came back. On the third or fourth day Dr. S ,an oncology Dr. , came to my room and told me that my cancer was at the stage iv as the cancer had spread to lymph nodes and the outside lining of my stomach. I admired this mans demeanor,honesty,and straightforwardness so much I decided he was to be my Dr. and would follow his suggestions. I left the hospital on day six.

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