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Radiation Associated with Invasive (Infiltrating) Ductal Carcinoma . Posted on October 15, 2012 View this journey (7 Experiences)

So, so, so lucky to qualify for Brachytherapy. One week of twice a day treatment. I understand many who have external radiation work during their 6 week treatment, I admire them! I just went in, came home, napped or ran errands, then went back. I worked from home in the evenings that week. I also was able to paint my stairs and door frame in the garage that week! It's not completely comfortable having a nickel size hole with 9 wires sticking out of your breast, but it's not painful either. Getting the wires in was the worst part (more needles in your breast to numb it).

Painless Experience: Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Neutral/NA

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