Debulking surgery - Brielle

Procedure or Surgery Associated with Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on January 2, 2013 View this journey (2 Experiences)

A debulking surgery took place at St. Francis Health and involved: total hysterectomy, resection of momentum, removal of cancer from the outside of my bladder, liver, kidney and small intestine, resection of colon, and removal of my appendix. The anticipated 3hour surgery actually took 51/2 hours. My gynecological oncologist who performed the surgery thought he had gotten 95 percent of the cancer. We thought he was a miracle worker! As my stomach muscles had been cut, there was an adjustment to walking ( ESP upstairs), eating showering and dressing. Thank goodness my family was here to help. Later I had a power port surgically implanted in my chest and an abdominal port surgically implanted. My gync onc and another oncologist worked as a team with our local oncologist to have some procedures done in Columbus. I have been very fortunate that all oncologists have communicated and supported decisions. On many days, my motto was " It is what it is, just deal with it."

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