Proceed, EC 145 and Doxil. As my journey contiues, I just started a new clinical trial with taxol and mm121. - Brielle

Clinical Trial Associated with Ovarian and Fallopian Tube Cancer. Posted on January 2, 2013 View this journey (2 Experiences)

After the recurrence, my gyn onc provided the wonderful opportunity to participate in a clinical trial. We jumped at the chance for me to participate. Being a Lifelong educator, I was excited to be an information donor as part of a new drug that could impact the future especially for my daughters and grandchildren. The side effects of the Doxil and EC145 or placebo have been minimal. The fatigue continues and the hand foot syndrome is under control. My skin has been extremely dry and the mouth sores kept at bay by gargling twice a day with salt water. Neulasta shots helped keep my counts up, but gave me flu like symptoms for several days. By keeping notes about my reactions to the shot, it helped in knowing what to expect each time. Constipation has also been a challenge. Partipation in the study was a blessing with the clinical nurse, frequent monitoring and visits with the gyn onc. During recent monitoring, it was discovered that my lesions had increased is size and I no longer qualify for the clinical trial. We are hoping to find another clinical trial soon.

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