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Mon. 7/10/18: Having it in the morning. From what I've read it tends not to be a huge deal. However it's going to be the last morning of my life without a port (or at least the scar from one). It's about to get real, as the young people say.

UPDATE, Sun. 7/14/18: Went about as expected. They were planning to insert the catheter thingy into the internal jugular vein, but apparently it was too "slippery" so they went for the subclavian vein instead (which is what I thought they usually did). I was asleep so it didn't make any difference to me, I just have one more (very small) incision than I would have had.
I was pretty out of it all day Tuesday, and stayed on schedule with my pain meds Wednesday, which means I wasn't up to much Wednesday either. A bit better on Thursday. Went back to work on Friday - I do physical therapy in a hospital, so it's fairly demanding physically - had a couple of painful twinges toward the end of the day and took one hydrocodone when I got home. Otherwise it's really not been a big thing.

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