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Still in the information-gathering stage.

This week: PET scan on Tuesday, MRI on Wednesday, and liver biopsy today (Thursday). Everything has been relatively low-stress... well sort of. Couldn't sleep the night before the PET scan, so I fell asleep in the recliner during the 45 minutes where they wait for the injected solution to circulate through your body, and then I may have fallen asleep a little bit during the scan itself. After that, things have been easier. The biggest impact so far is that I have to miss a day of work tomorrow due to a 10-pound weight lifting restriction for 48 hours (I'm a physical therapy assistant in a hospital, so I often have to lift much more weight than that).

The liver biopsy was a needle guided by ultrasound. Local anesthetic --- they needed me to be at least semi awake so they could instruct me to hold my breath at certain moments. No pain, just occasional moments of pressure. My dressing is literally just a band-aid on my right flank. No real after-effects since they didn't put me way under, although they still said don't make any big life-decisions or go shopping on Amazon for 24 hours :)

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  • lo15's Avatar

    Your lucky, my poor hubs had his worst experience with the liver biopsy. Very painful. Glad so far so good.

    8 months ago
  • BruceB's Avatar

    Yeah I was lucky. They told me they prefer to use the least invasive/ painful method, but they never know if it's going to work until they get you on the table and try the ultrasound on your belly. It has to give a clear enough image or they have to go with something else. Fortunately for me, it worked.

    8 months ago

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