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Side Effects Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on March 6, 2019 View this journey (7 Experiences)

I experienced a new kind of pain a few days ago,in my lower back,I was sitting up taking a break from taking a nap ( sounds ridiculous) but all of a sudden it felt like my I pulled a muscle,I couldn't straighten up and have to walk bent over now.I fortunately had a scheduled appointment with the oncologist yesterday,3-5-19,and told him..he cancelled yet another infusion,didn't say why,wth,or much anything else,I waited 3 weeks to see him and he gives me 3 min. of his time,I had a whole page of questions,mainly about the new treatment,but he rescheduled me for two weeks from now.The pain I was feeling before,in my upper spine and left shoulder and arm,felt like a combination of a pinched nerve and bursitis.I am to have a screening done Monday by my radiologists for my lower back and possibly 10 more rounds of treatment for my back.I guess I just needed to vent,I've never been through this crap before and not knowing bugs me.

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