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I was retiring on 11/30/11 and my last day of work was 11/7. I had a mammogram in October and received a call that I would need to come back in for another test. I scheduled appt. for 11/8 (to avoid taking time off work) and was advised after my digital mammo that it showed a very suspicious area that wasn't there on my 2010 mammo's. As I had been through a prior lumpectomy in my other breast, I wasn't too concerned although that was a pre-cancerous condition at that time. I was advised to contact a surgeon to have a biopsy. I saw the surgeon the next week and was scheduled for a biopsy the next week. I still was not overly concerned until I saw the screen during the biopsy and there were microcalcifications in a very wide area. I became very concerned but had to wait for the pathology report. As the first lab sent a report that was very tentative and inconclusive, my surgeon sent for a new path report from John Hopkins. They were very definitive of a diagnosis of a stage 0 to 1 breast cancer and the area needed to be removed. What a way to start my retirement.

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