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Just found out I have breast cancer 2 days ago. It is a grade 2. Not tested enough yet for a stage.
We don't have insurance so I am getting put on medicaid.
My problem is that some of my family looks at me like I'm already dying.
I don't feel sick or near death., but my sister looks at me like I am.
I am trying hard not to be scared, but when people look at me that way I feel so alone.

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    Join the club, everyone treats you that way only because when they hear cancer. They think death. My family is the sameway, and it doesn't make it any better that I am a fourth generation nurse.
    Because I as well as my family know what to expect on the road ahead. Doesn't make you feel good when everyone around you is falling apart. I found myself apologizing to my family and friends and crying so hard feeling sorry for them not myself. I just didn't want to be the source of their hurt.
    Please be encouraged. I find strength in my faith in God. Surround yourself around positive people. And when you find the people closest to you falling apart, just accept it is out of love and concern for you and your future.

    over 6 years ago

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