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Had double mastectomy on 12/28/11. Right breast had 4.5 cm tumor and left breast had "tumor markers" so I decided on the double mastectomy. Surgeon told me that majority of his patients have very little pain afterwards and I just didn't believe him...he was right!! Worse pain I had was having to lie on my back until both drains were out after 12 days...I'm not a back sleeper and my back was not happy about that. Once the drains were out (again a baby ouch when pulled out) and I was able to sleep on my side, my back was happy again. First look in mirror was a little unsettling but got over the look of me when I realized that I was alive so see myself (not a ghost). All in all - as far as surgery goes - not a bad experience!

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    Thanks for posting your experience! I have also been diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma. I am scheduled for a double mastectomy this Thursday. I have been so scared about the pain afterwards but your post was reassuring. Did you have tissue expanders placed? Any idea as to when you'll be starting chemo? Thanks, Jamie

    over 8 years ago
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    Hi Jamie,
    Good luck on your surgery! I opted for no reconstruction - the thought of more surgery was not something I wanted. I was small to begin with and decided to be breast free. I have actually had 3 rounds of chemo (taxotere & cytoxan) before surgery to shrink the tumor which was over 5 cm to begin with as the surgeon was hoping to get the tumor as far away from the chest wall as possible and that worked. I will be having 3 more rounds of chemo in about 10 - 14 days (just when my hair was beginning to grow back...rats!). Then estrogen regression therapy after that - something I just found out yesterday about and do not have that much info on.

    I hope everything goes well and my thoughts are with you! Please post after surgery when you are up to it. I would like to know how you are!
    Take care, Carla

    over 8 years ago

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