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21 days post chemo treatment #1 )Taxotere/Cytoxan) hair starting to go : ( Already have scarves, hats and night warmers ready. Sad but I've had a "bad hair life" so actually looking forward to starting from scratch lol. Looking forward to not having to cuss my way through trying to get my hair to do what it obviously does not want to do (stubborn hair). Memories of my mother trying to get my hair to "curl" via a home perm at age 8 for a wedding come flooding back. All of us girls (3 in all) sat and had my mother perm our hair - we all had long hair. Must've taken hours and hours and the smell must've been horrid in those days (late 60s). I remember running around so excited I had "bounce" to my hair. Three days later - no curl. Stubborn I tell you!!!

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