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I was part of a "new" resurrection of an old treatment for OC.. They had implanted a port beneath my skin, above a rib, that would allow them to place a needle in and input the chemo directly into my abdomine. I looked it up on line... the wording scared the heck out of me... It said "due to the excrutiating pain" majority of women do not complete the six cycles of three infusions of chemo. HOWEVER... I never felt pain at any time during these infusions. NEVER!
It was so new that I was the first patient that was having it and the chemo nurses 'learned' how to acces the port on me. They all kept appologizing, and I don't think they believed me that it didn't hurt. They inserted the needle through the scar and the nerves there were not working... so really no pain.

The only thing about the chemo that bothered me was as it builds in your system, you become more and more tired. I finally called my doctor and mentioned I was so very tired... He responded that they were pouring a deadly poison into me, and my body was fighting that and the cancer cells.... no wonder I was tired. He said..."If you're tired - sleep!" which I then did. No guilt... kitty at my back, kitty in my arms... the sound of gentle purring... Life and sleep was good.

My saint of a husband took such great care of me.... (and our diabetic cat who was insulin dependent). I was always Charlie's caregiver, but now Tom had to.... I would always sing to Charlie a "Charlie Song" when I was warming his ears to give him his blood test prior to giving the insulin. I remember a massive outpouring of love my Tom, when I heard him gently singing to Charlie while he heated his little ear.

I forgot to mention, that my wonderful Gynacological Oncologist Surgeon (looks alot like Dugie Houser of TV Fame). When I came in prior to chemo he had me have a PET CT Scan and we looked at the results together... I saw nothing... He was jumping up and down in his seat... pounding on my arm and all but yelling..."OMG I got it all... Carol I got it all" But we decided together to fight this thing all the way... and we did the chemo anyway.

I used clippers with my Tom and removed my hair after it had started falling out in gobs... We both looked in the mirror, both of us with a few tears... and he said. look like your brother!... We laughed and laughed and hugged. When I told my brother... he took offense... he said "Now what's wrong with that?" I said... Dave... picture it... You with boobs... Dave laughed.

I made it through with the doctor prescribing... anti-depression drug, neulasta, steroids, ... nausea drugs... I never felt pain, I never felt sick... I did however, lose my sense of taste... but, being me, I fought to eat and did... taste problem lasted about five to six months.

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  • kalindria's Avatar

    Hi Carol,

    I'm a lot earlier in my recovery/treatment than you are but I just had to say thank you. You write with wit and humor and I can envision it all. Thank you for sharing your journey and making it not quite so scary.


    over 6 years ago

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