Debulking surgery - Carol-Charlie

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When the doctor awakened me to say it had been cancer... it had spread to my intestines and euretha.. He said he had removed all (by scraping) that he could see. He had removed both ovaries and that the right side tumor was 39lbs. Yes you're reading that correctly. I was very very groggy... but as he started to leave the room I remember calling out to him. "Doctor... how long do I have?"... Through half closed eyes, I saw him turn, this handsome doctor had a heart broken look on his face... he punched the door frame... answered "six months." Then he all but ran from the room. I nestled back into the pillow... I must have been still very high on the drugs as my last thoughts were "lets see six months, it will be summer... the boys (my three adult sons) won't have to stand out in the cold like I did for my dad......"

My breathing was affected... I'd just not breathe... really. The had alarms and nurses running in yelling CAROL BREATHE..BREATH!!!... A three day anticipated stay turned into 9 days. I went home and fell into bed that first night. My sweet kitties settled in one resting where my back hurt and one snuggled in my arms by my tummy. It was the best nights sleep.

The next morning the home nurse came... (oh and I had oxygen for home use too to keep my oxygen level up) The home nurse didn't like the looks of the incision.... had me go to local hospital... Yup.... MRSA.... I had to head off to the hospital for another week of I/V intibiotics.... Then came home with $99.00 a pill antibiotics. Thank God I've been tested and retested and there is no sign of MRSA within or on me.... Thank you Lord!!!

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