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Decision Point Associated with Serous Type. Posted on July 19, 2012 View this journey (13 Experiences)

At the end of the year of chemo... both I/V and I/P.... my hair started growing in... had a rather cool white (honestly..pure white like my fathers had been) crew cut... Went in for checkup... The doctor said... Carol I want you to think about this. There have been recent studies regarding your cancer that showed that after reciving the treatment you've just finished, we had a control group that just went on with their lives and did the required check ins and blood test, and another group that went on to take a VERY STRONG (his accentuation not mine) chemo once a month for a year.

My hand went up to my hair... he laughed and said yup it will go again.... I asked him if I were his mother would he advise that I do this. He responded.... "If you were my mother... I'd make you do it"... So okay... we hopped on another year of seeing the friends I'd made of the nurses and techs, PAs and my doctor for another year.

BUT when we left his office... I was down... Tom said... come on lets go buy you a new wig.... a red one... We did. I even wore it to church... the priest hugged me and said.... Don't tell anyone, but you look kinda sexy in that. Bless his heart. I gave it to a lovely young woman with auburn hair (that was the color of my wig).

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