Survivor Party with other patients of my oncologist. - Carol-Charlie

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    There are two other side effects of my chemo, that I refuse to complain about. My hair grew in the second time so sparce as to be 'unwearable".... I have neuropathy and cannot feel my feet (a lot like diabetics can get).
    I had always had very thick, tons of hair.... I loved it... I wore it back off my face (collick) AND I colored it blonde... why go gray if you don't have to. But... I knew once it went white like my dads it would be super... and I planned to accent it... Well... anyway,,, we know how that turned out. So I bought a white wig.. (Paula Young... I mean wigs that are lovely and inexpensive to expensive... I bought on sale. I wore that one twice too. My vet asked if I was going for "distinguished"? (She's a dear) I showed up with my blonde wig the next visit and...she smiled... "There... that's you again!" Everyone that had been with me throughout my treatment were family and could say whatever they wanted. I knew they had all prayed for me. They now have some with 'lace' fronts. I started combing my collic back in, as you really see the hair growing out of your head... I had one friend ask... DID YOUR HAIR FINALLY GROW BACK? I said no... she reached out and pulled... and it didn't budge... She said oh Carol... it did grow back and it looks GREAT! Thus ladies... I have become a woman with lovely hair (and blonde AND my hair is always ready to go out and look great.

    The second problem, does on occasion cause me to 'tip'... balance is hard if you can't feel your feet. but there seems to always be a hand there when needed... and when I'm shopping on my own... I walk slower. My feet never feel cold, I must be careful not to let them get cold. But hey things could be worse right? I have lovely hair and I walk on clouds.... Life is good.

    over 8 years ago

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