Decision Point - Caroli

Decision Point Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on March 4, 2012 View this journey (6 Experiences)

The cancer has spread to her bones in many places. We have had such great success with her refusing most treatment. She has passed the 5 year mark and now had it for 12 years. She was lucky as hers was cought years before she had symptoms like coughing blood.

The oncologist wants her to have radiation on the spine. They are afraid the cancer will collapse the spine and paralize her and cause more pain. She already has pain in her back from the cancer being in her ribs and spine. They want to give her three weeks of radiation. I dont know what to do. When I research and bring her info showing the various treatments like radiation, or chemo might wear her down and not really work. She has refused them and is considered a miracle patient.

How much will chemo wear her down? I dont know if she can make it thru much now. Help? any advice or experiences

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