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Decision Point Associated with Lung Cancer. Posted on July 11, 2012 View this journey (5 Experiences)

Cancer in lung, lymph nodes and several locations in bone. No effective treatment offered but would have pain adressed and managed. Radiation for pain control and/or chemo for same purpose. I decided radiation for pain and chose against chemo because I was afraid of side effects and remaining sick 'till the end. I've since had 3 additional radiation treatMents on 3 other locayions of my body. Pain steadily increased 'till I decided to accept chemo in hopes of helping with pain and perhaps prolonging my life. I have had 3 chemo treatments since...1 every three weeks and am due for 4th next wk. Also I have received Zometa once every thirty days...had my 4th treatment today.

I know I am dying. I'm doing nothing to cling to life, I only wanted some time to come to terms with it and my God.

I was stage 4 at first diagnosis. I was already beyond effective treatment I was told. It was in my lung and lymph nodes and bone and the bone part has continued to spread with no sign of slowing down. The pain was/is bad times more then I think I can bear evven with extra doses of morphine. I have not really had a sense of what to do since I was first told. I just try to accept each day with Gratefulness to God as I blunder through the daily and weekly trips to my nearesr cancer center.

I don't know what to expect or how long I might have. From what I have read on the AC site, I am at the end of the median life expectancy.

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