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Medical History of Me 2009 -

Injured an area in Lt hip yesterday, that has been painful prior to being injured.(X-ray done last week) Results today. Also on 5th “test for Breasts” Coming soon :MRI of Breasts. There have been changes since Nov. 2012


Many Swollen lymph nodes-Back, Left and Rt elbow, groin, neck, clavicle. Armpits confirmed observed by MD at Hi Des Hospital U/S 01/09/13 Ref to Breast Center for MRI due to increased size and changes in Breast tissue.

Dr. agrees to refer to Onc.

Hospital run for blocked bowel CBC-Low RBC
Fluid found in pelvis
3 ER visits this month 2 for Severe Stomach Pain, 1 for Uncontrolled vomiting/migraine
Blood work showed High Neutrophil count and low RBC

OsteoArthritis in Neck and Hip, causing severe pain -nerve conduction test shows carpal tunnel in both hands and C5 C6 vertibrae damaged(test done 12/19/12)

04/2012 Dizziness/Fatigue Started seeing Dr Howard Levy. Started blood tests. Low Estrogen and Calcium. Pr Premarin and Prolia inj. Inderal for Palpitations

Low RBC consistent for 7 yrs

11/15/11 no cancer detected in Colonoscopy

08/03/11 Carcinoma type 2 on right calf removed refreeze

Weight loss, unintended was 187 now 153 lost 20 lb last year (2012)

06/11/11 Benign tumor removed from vaginal wall 6/11 MD comments, Very bloody, he was surprised it came back neg.
2010 Started back on Premarin for same problem continued on and off
2009- Complaint of “Extreme Hot flashes” prescribed Premarin. Problem resolved for the time
2009-Surgeries: Hysterectomy w/ovaries removed due to cyst and concerns of HPV 2009
Tubal Ligation 1991

Immune Disorders- Psoriasis (life long)

Other Symptoms-

Breast tissue dense
Bi-polar/Anxiety Disorders (Life long)
Stomach- Gerd, IBS, irregularity many yrs.
Tissue on arm is involved with arteries.per Dr. Seip
11/2011 Tardive Dyskenisia/Akathisia pain associated Diag.
Migraines since 1990
Bladder/rectocele result of Hysterectomy

Updated 1/12/13

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