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The initial treatment isn't bad if you really adhere to applying aloe and burn cream hourly. But the long term effects are bad. The muscle and skin are completely altered. Mine are so tight they pull my body out of line. My implant wasn't able to drop into the pocket because the skin and muscle never relaxed., I have permanent discoloration to the skin where I had radiation including under my chin where the skin was apparently in the line of fire. Your chances of cancer later are higher because of the treatment especially those of us treated in our 30's and 40's. Your thyroid will eventually tank because it is radiated in most women doing treatment. It will alter your biochemistry in your mouth and you may have a lifetime of dental issues all of which are not covered in any way by insurance. It also impacts healing time if you get reconstruction after radiation. Many do it too soon and it never heals and they have to have implant removed.

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    Gosh, Cgracie007. I never knew this. I'm so sorry. I had radiation at 61 & never experienced any of what you're describing. I do have A-fib and thought that it may have been caused by the radiation, but found out that all the females for 3 generations had it.

    11 months ago

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