Breakthrough - Charlieb

Celebration Associated with Multiple Myeloma. Posted on June 8, 2014 View this journey (23 Experiences)

Two Years out of Transplant!!!!!!
For the first time in two years I have been able to ride my bike for 20 miles and still function afterwards. I have also made 5 laps in the pool. I had been stuck at 5 miles last year and 3 laps.

  • DonnaSue's Avatar

    You give me hope that I won't always be napping every evening. Congratulations!

    over 6 years ago
  • MyelomaBeacon's Avatar

    Good news Charlie!

    over 6 years ago
  • downbutnotout's Avatar

    Yes, good news Charlie! I hope I can get some energy going, I am trying!

    over 6 years ago

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