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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Carcinoid Tumor, Colorectal Cancer. Posted on July 30, 2012 View this journey (7 Experiences)

Had reaction to oxyliplatin, broke into rash in chemo room, had to quit. had reaction to irinotecan felt flushed and like pressure was on my chest, quit that and put me on 5fu, was doing three chemo cocktail for every two weeks 22 times wow. transfered to new hospital since i moved and they gave me a 2 month repreive which helped. went back on 5fu only but it wasnt shrinking the last tumor i had in my colon so they started me on erbitux since I have the wild kraz gene and not the mutated one. glam has helped me tremendously on this. I actually feel better, tired but I dont feel so drained and sickly. I actually feel good, not sure if that is good or bad with this stuff. the side effects are bad with dry breaking skin and itching and acne but hey i can handle that. other than that its the same cant sleep but at least not sick. the first dose was really hard had that poisioning feeling for a day or so but it went away.

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