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Not only lost job, but while in chemo I only heard the doctor say it was manageable and not that they only gave me two years. My mom was with me and she heard it too but you are so overwhelmed on your first visit sometimes you forget to ask or only hear what you want so I think the navigators would be good for this. After almost one year into chemo I had a 4 team doctor rotation and when I asked the question of how long I will be on this and if I could go on maintenance he said well you know you have a possibility of only having a two year life span. I think my mouth fell to the floor and I was the only one there until my girlfriend came to sit with me. I grabbed her by the arm and went to the ladies room and sobbed at her that they gave me two years. When I got to the chemo room all the nurses saw I was crying and they pulled the curtain and sat with me and cried while I asked them questions. sometimes they have a different experience than the doctors do and most said two years is about right. but its been over two and I am starting my third and I look and feel good, people look at me and say you dont look and act like you have cancer (yes i take that in a positive way because i know they are being helpful) and actually that makes me stronger. I always try to smile, help others and keep a positive attitude. Cancer has changed me, it has made me a better, caring more patient and appreciative person. I have had a month where I was depressed and crying all the time and I am one of these people who dont like to cry on other peoples shoulders but when my friends called and I started crying they all understood and offered help if I needed it but I just needed to get thru it by myself and I did. Sometimes you keep things bottled up cause you dont want to worry your family but eventually it all comes out one way or another. Enough of all this for now lol.

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    Congratulations on making it through the 2 years and into your 3rd. Every Christmas is special - especially the next one! Keep on going!! (And shame on your docs for being so blunt...and not having confidence in their abilities and in yours!).

    almost 7 years ago

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