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lost 18 kilos in 12 months while training to be an Enrolled Nurse.Was being treated for Diverticulitis, but felt worse.One day the pain was so sever down my [r]side, vomiting, i went to family doctor.He suggested hospital, gave me an injection of morphine, & into hospital.Took 24 hrs to decide to opperate & lucky they did as my bowel was ready to perforate.Later the surgeon said i must have been in agony, as my bowel was stretched to the max with puss, if that had burst i wouldv'e died.Any way after 30+ operations i am still here.Along the way due to Short Bowel Syndrome, i have Chronic Renal Failure, due to severe dehydration from illeostomy performed when i was 40, & had all large, most of small bowel removed, rectum removed, & anus closed.I pass roughly 4-5 litres of watery fluid from illeostomy each day.I have a Porta Cath inserted, in fact my 2nd, i hook up to an I.V machine daily, & pass 2 litres of Normal Saline, to keep my body hydrated, drink numerous amounts of fluid, but slowly, this way i have a better chance of absorbing what i drink.Am Lactose Intolerant which is easy to just change my milk, & now gluten Intolerant which is an ongoing learning process.Only 2 x
Xmas's ago i was in hospital, in ICU, with Double Pneumonia.Was told by head doctor i need to be put on a ventilator as my lungs were so tired of trying to breathe properly , if i did not agree by the next morning i would probably go into Respiratory Distress, and not make it.My lungs were so sticky with puss to all the alveoli that pass oxygen & carbon dioxide into & out of the blood vessels in the lungs.This is called ARDS.Out of 300, 000 people, 30 would get ARDS, & 13 to 15 people would die.Not good odds on my side.Any way they placed me in an Induced Coma for 26 days, & in this time they performed a tracheotomy to help my breathing.Once they bought me out of the coma i still had pneumonia, the antibiotics i was on i became allergic to & they gave me Haemolytic Anemia and needed 8 units of full blood.Finally after 51/2 weeks i went home.I will never , ever take breathing for granted again.That is a guarantee.

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