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Decision Point Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on August 13, 2011 View this journey (5 Experiences)

After my lumpectomy in November 2010, the surgeon drew a picture of my right breast's milk ducts. I was full of two types of precancerous cells and DCIS. It looked like to me that my body was a good growing ground for all three. I had a gut feeling that I would not get clear margins the second time around either, so I pretty much decided right there in the office that I wanted a unilateral mastectomy. I did think about it over night, but I knew what to do. Prior to the mastectomy, the surgeon ordered an mri of both breasts. While we were waiting in her office for the test results, I told my partner that if anything was even SUSPECTED in the left breast, I did not want to go through another biopsy, lumpectomy ( mined was painful and took me 6 weeks to fully feel better, but even the actual site was tender three months later), I would just choose a bilateral mastectomy. The surgeon came in and told us that there was a suspicious area deep in the left breast that the mammogram didn't pick up. I was ok with that. However, it turned out to be PASH, a benign tumor. The only cure for PASH is surgical excision or it will just continue to grow.
My decisons were easy for me to make. But the recovery was not. I learned not every breezes thru surgeries. Some are fast healers, some are slow. So I am hesitant to tell anyone that they will breeze thru never know...

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