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I had a bilateral mastectomy with node dissection on 1/11/11 for DCIS. Since it was contained within the milk ducts, I didn't need rads or chemo. But, I woke up in severe pain, lasted for months. I began taking Gabapentin for nerve damage /neuropathy/PMPS. I saw a physical therapist for about 4 weeks but she was not experienced with this. Finally, I received a referral to see a wonderful pain clinic. I began getting nerve block shots in the neck, occasional cortisone shots for the areas that the nerve blocks missed and I saw marked improvement. They also increased my Gabapentin to 1800 mg/ day and added amitriptolyne, 25 mg at bedtime, to help with pain, depression, and sleep. I was finding sleep even more difficult even six months post surgery because the pain would wake me up when I'd roll over (my partner also hear me moan/groan when I'd roll over in my sleep)I also found two therapists who job share who are working on my scar tissue and pain issues. The pain clinic also has a superb pain counselor who is helpig me learn to live with the pain, minimize it, etc. One of the physical therapists also not only works on the physical aspect of my pain, but mentally as well. It took six or seven months to get this wonderful pain team. At this point (August 2011), I still don't feel that I, personally am in charge of my pain, but I take comfort in knowing they do. I may be cancer free, but not totally pain free. I still need to modify and limit daily activities, but I can see a light in the tunnel.

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