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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma. Posted on September 5, 2012 View this journey (8 Experiences)

So I stayed in the hospital for a week after they found the mass. This turned out to be good because I was able to get all my procedures done that week, which I think made starting Chemo quicker. For the Biopsy it was CT guided and they just numbed the area where they would put the needle. it was in my chest so I could kind of see what was going on. My husband was allowed to sit in the room a little ways away from me which was kind of nice to have him in there. The biopsy prodedure didn't hurt and I couldn't really feel anything the whole time. At the end however they put some kind of gel to seal up the hole and it kind of expands in the wound, and that hurt a lot. It hurt every time I took a breath for about 3 days afterwards.

A couple days after I got the biopsy done, I had the lumbar puncture and bone marrow biopsy done on the same day. First up was the bone marrow biopsy. Since I was having the two procedures done at the same time, they gave me some kind of sedative that made me fall asleep. They numbed my back/hip and before I fell asleep they started on the biopsy. This one hurt a little bit that's for sure. They had to really press hard to get a sample of my bone. Once I fell asleep I felt nothing, then they woke me up to wheel me into the CT scan area to perform the lumbar puncture. I fell asleep during that proceudre as well so it went fast for me and I didn't feel a thing. They woke me up and wheeled me back to my room, where I had to lay flat for 2-3 hours. I pretty much just slept those 2-3 hours because I was given some pain medicine.

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