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Decision Point Associated with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma . Posted on August 15, 2011 View this journey (13 Experiences)

My pathology report. Honestly, how people without the resources I had (my father being a retired cancer researcher) can possibly understand a pathology report for cancer is beyond me. I hope that everyone knows that they can and should ask as many questions as they want regarding the report. Being well informed will help you understand the treatment you are getting and help you get through it.

My report came back with me staged as IIA. I had 2 sites of cancer in the same breast. One was DCIS and the other ILC. Together they totalled over 5 cm of cancer. There was microscopic spread into 2 of the 7 nodes that were removed. It was only a cluster of 6 or 7 cells which had not yet organized. Believe it or not, your spread is staged in the same way that your cancer is. My spread was staged at zero. N (Node) = 0. I was also told the very good news that I was Estrogen Receptor/Progesterone Receptor positive. My numbers were very high. ER=95% and PR=100%. This meant that for me hormone therapy would increase my chances dramatically. I was also HER2 negative. This is also good news. So, while my cancer was grade 3 poorly differentiated (which signifies aggressive cancer), the other indicators were on the good side.

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