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At the end of March 2010, I felt an area in my breast that was not consistent with my regular breast tissue. Since I go for yearly mammos and see my OB/GYN every 6 months, I was concerned but not overly so. I happened to have a regularly scheduled OB/GYN visit in early April and decided to wait until I had my appointment. MY OB/GYN told me that she didn't think it was anything to be concerned about - to her it just seemed like a thickening of the tissue. I had assumed that she would send me for a mammo so I had cleared my schedule for the day which can be difficult in my job to do. I asked her if she would send me for a mammo now instead of requiring me to wait for June for my annual mammo. She did and the mammo showed no evidence of cancer. The Radiologist (who was a student of my father's and a friend) that read my mammo did not feel comfortable, however, that she could feel something but not see it on the films so she sent me for a sonogram. The sonogram led to core needle biopsies which led to a diagnosis of Invasive Lobular Cancer. This all happened in the span of 3 days.

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