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Procedure or Surgery Associated with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma . Posted on August 13, 2011 View this journey (13 Experiences)

This surgery was very simple and physically speaking had essentially no recovery, no side effects and no impact to daily life. The surgery was about an hour long but I was awake the entire time. I have a great plastic surgeon with a wonderful sense of humor. I was joking and laughing with him and his staff during the entire procedure. Afterwards, they put on some plastic futuristic looking nipple protectors. I was glad that I wore a jacket for the surgery because they would have been very noticeable through a thin shirt and I can only imagine what people would have thought! It was again very uplifting to feel like I was getting this ordeal behind me. The postive attitudes of the surgical staff and their cheerleading (one of the nurses remembered me from the bilateral mastectomy surgery) really buoyed me. A few difficult months behind me and I was almost put back together again. After one week the nipple protectors were removed and voila! A new set of "ornaments".

Went as Expected: Agree
Minimal Recovery: Strongly Agree
Minimal Side Effects: Strongly Agree
Minimal Impact to Daily Life: Strongly Agree

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