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Drug or Chemo Therapy Associated with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL). Posted on June 12, 2014 View this journey (1 Experience)

I had 7 chemo treatments, 5 was standard, shrunk abdominal mass to 1/4 size, surgery not an option nor radiation. Over time, shrank and calcified. Before Xmas 96, I developed a cough. The doctor at work prescribed anti-biotics, helped a bit but not completely. After Xmas, was re-examined. I was told that only one side of my tonsils was swollen, should be both sides when infected. I was then sent to a E.N.T. specialist. He wanted to operate , but I asked for a biopsy, fearing that if it was cancer, it would spread rapidly if cut into. I later learned that it wasn't true. I waited several months for the results. Inconclusive, I was told. Then I had surgery right before vacation - July 97. I was told that I would learn the results when I came back. The doctor told me that I would have go for treatment. The way that he said it, it didn't really hit me. He then proceeded to call a hematologist, stating that it was an emergency. The next day, laying on his examining table, he began to tap me in the abdominal region, fist over open hand. Then, he said there was more. That's when it hit me! I asked him "What are my chances?" He was hearing - what are my chances of survival? What I was really saying was - Am I going to die? After being able to get some tests done in short time, I had to wait another month to have a test in nuclear medicine. It was like standing in front of the clock watching the seconds go by. After the test I asked as to when my doctor would get the results. I was told "in a couple of weeks". Ooooh noooo, I thought to myself.The day after the test, I saw the specialist, who told me not to worry, he had all the results and we would begin treatment.

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