New Cancer Occurrance - Connie312

Oh No Associated with Breast Cancer. Posted on September 7, 2012 View this journey (18 Experiences)

In less than one year after the lumpectomy, I felt a lump in the same place the other lump had been removed. Because of the infection I had had, the radiation, and so forth, they thought at first it was just scar tissue, but I knew it was not, because it was growing. When the finally did a Sonogram, they decided they needed to do my 3rd core biopsy and found it was cancer again. Because I had a new occurrance so quickly, and no history on my Mother's side of the family, my Oncologist decided to have me do Genetics testing, where I found that carry the BRACAII gene. This gene makes you prone to Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer. At least now I understood why I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer 3 times.

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