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First week of August, I was diagnosed with matasticised undifferentiated carcinoma with necrosis. All I heard was carcinoma. My ears shut down. My mind closed and I was out the door of the surgeons office. While I was referred to a Oncologist, the soonest appointment they gave me was 2 months away. Of course the next day, my mind was in full wonder. What had I heard, what did this mean? WTF? The Dr. won't see me for 2 months? I must not be that bad then. A Dr. friend of mine explained that this was a serious pathology report, and the sooner I see a Dr, the better. My HMO group tried to encourage the Dr. to see me earlier, but that proved to be in vain. Fortionately a friend gave me the name of a well regarded Oncologist, and the insrurance company approved the referral.
Fast forward 2 months. I have been diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary.

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    Cory, What symptoms did you have? What tissue did they have to diagnose you? I know how frustrating it is to have all these tests and yet no clue as to primary source! Haven't had any on my lymph nodes though.

    almost 10 years ago

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