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Hello there my name is Ruben Toribio. My wife has just dignosed with cancer, she lives in Ancorage Ak. We need $9000.00 to do the inicial surgery. The problem is that I live i Puerto Vallarta Mexico and I was deported two years ago for not having any legal documents. Now She is a USA citicen. and I´m trying to rise money trough the family and friends to deal with this. Because finincially speaking I only make average fifteen dollars a day working as a security officer @ a hotel. I don´t know how am I going to help her yet. But I will figure it out. Now I don´t want to go into the country illegaly because that will only make it worst. And it breaks my hearth not to be with her and give her that full support. You know I really love her. If you know or have some information that can give me a start point please help me. I just found about this today.
Thank you for caring and God bless you and help us all on dealing with this situacions.
Hearth broken and trully yours: Ruben Toribio.

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